About Us



Friends come and go, but your family stays forever. So it was our goal to create jewelry that makes YOU feel LOVED by your most important ones in your life. We felt that in our fast-paced generation, we don't take enough time to tell our parents, grandparents, children, bothers, sisters, and everyone else in our family how much we love them. We wanted to change that. With our jewelry, you can always keep your family as close to your heart as possible (with our necklaces, quite literally) and remember, that they will be here for you, no matter what happens. 



After becoming more and more popular within the last couple of months, we decided that we want to use the reach we have gained to give something back to the community. Since all of our jewelry is made in Bali, we figured it would be a great idea to help children out there who aren't lucky enough to be around their parents, or to even have parents at all. We went to an orphan house to support some of the kids and were just completely overwhelmed by their reaction. But see it for yourself in the video below...


Thanks a lot for supporting us with your order. That's what will help us expand out charity project all over the world!