February 2021 To My Daughter Mission and Field Trip

Proceeds from every sale at To My Daughter goes to running our important mission to help young girls in impoverished communities worldwide. With your support, we help change their lives for the better.

The TMD sponsorship pays for their education and anything else we can assist them in their journey to full-time paid employment or to continue with Tertiary Studies.

We met our first challenge to make this February’s mission happen.

In February, our mission sponsored three incredible young girls in Bali.

  • Kadek Nadin Linsia Putri, who is 14 years old.
  • Putu Rediantini, who is 16 years old.
  • Putu Setia Dewi, who is 17 years old.

These girls are born and raised in Bali, an island that's become a world's tourism icon. To have the best chance of achieving success in their lives, it's crucial that they learn English.

Our challenge this year was the restrictions placed on us due to the pandemic. We weren't willing to give up, so we arranged to hold the English lessons via Whatsapp video calls.

We conducted a total of seven meetings for the English-speaking class. Setia, Redi, and Nadin received four English conversation lessons, with two of the three remaining sessions being their pre and post-tests.

For the seventh meeting, we took them on a field trip. We visited the Melia Hotel in Nusa Dua and La Brisa Beach Club in Canggu.

This exposure helped these girls develop confidence and knowledge about the opportunities before them in their future careers, especially in the tourism/hospitality industry. They learned about jobs and professions in the hospitality industry while practicing their newly acquired English speaking skills.

Three experienced workers in the industry guided Setia, Redi, and Nadin and taught them about all the opportunities open to them. These guides were Mrs. Yeni, Miss Mega, and Miss Melissa.

Introducing Mrs. Yeni:

Mrs. Yeni holds the Marketing Director position of Melia Hotel in Nusa Dua. She has been in the industry for over thirty years and has held many different positions. Her guidance was also invaluable to the girls because she's a single mother of two children. Her experience of balancing a career and family obligations helped our girls gain insight and confidence to achieve greater things in life just like her.

Introducing Miss Melita:

Miss Melita is a floor manager in La Brisa. She has worked in the industry throughout her adult life, and she encouraged the girls to study hard and focus on their goals.

Miss Melita's influencing speech and lovely personality encouraged the children to be confident. She stressed that it does not matter where you come from, that you can make your goals as long as you have passion and honesty.

Introducing Miss Mega:

Miss Mega is a local Balinese who grew up in an underprivileged family, which makes her perfectly suited for her role in human resources and the perfect speaker for our girls. Her family are farmers in a remote part of Bali.

Miss Mega stressed to our girls that she has a successful position at one of Bali’s most successful beach clubs despite her family’s condition. By sharing her life experience and showing them how it is possible to achieve a successful career, no matter their background, she gave our girls way more than they received from their schooling or training.

The girls share their experiences about the field trip:

We asked the girls to tell us what they thought about their experiences on the field trip and what it made them think about in the future. Here are their thoughts.

Kadek Nadin Linsinia Putri

Nadin had never visited Canggu before and had an experience she'll never forget. She loved learning about the jobs and professions in the hospitality industry. She especially enjoyed learning about the hotel, food, and beverage sectors.

Two speakers, Kak Ega and Kak Melissa, really impressed upon her to keep trying, keep studying hard, and focus on her career. This is because they both come from underprivileged families and that is how they made it to their current positions.

Nadin told one of the facilitators that after she graduates SMP (junior high school), she wants to continue her study at a culinary vocational school and become a chef in a five-star hotel or restaurant.

Her favorite part of the trip was at the La Brisa Beach Club at Canggu, where she made a new friend, Gaury, and made Tik-Tok videos with her.

Putu Rediantini

Redi found every moment on the trip precious and memorable, even though it was a long trip.

Redi said, "Berkesan banget kak, menambah wawasan, menambah pengetahuan, sekalian refreshing kak hehe"

“It [the trip] was so memorable because it gives us insight, increases our knowledge as well as enables us to destress.”

She learned so much on the trip, especially from the people who work in the hospitality industry like Bu Yeni, Kak Ega, and Kak Melisa.

Redi said, “[From the trip, I learned] to never give up [on our dream], focus on our main goal, study hard, especially in studying English because English is very important in the tourism industry.”

Redi would love to be trained in a five-star hotel like Melia Hotel. This is thanks to our expert guides in the industry motivating and inspiring her to focus on her career.

She would also love to visit Kintamani to take beautiful pictures there.

Putu Setia Dewi

“It was a bit tiring, but it was so much fun,” said Setia, recounting her trip on the 20th of February. She had a good time, and she felt very lucky to have the opportunity to learn directly from the people who work in the hospitality industry. The trip inspired and motivated her to pursue a higher education, which she never really thought of before.

Setia said, “Harusss lebih giat belajarr sama enggak boleh nyerah”
“[I] have to study harder and to never give up [on my dream]”

Since Setia is a vocational student majoring in Hospitality, she knows that English is very important to her future career. This trip has made her realize that there are so many fun ways to learn English.

 In closing:

The English conversation class has improved the children’s ability to speak English. They are more confident in speaking a foreign language.

The trip was an eye-opening experience for the girls. It was their first time they ever visited a 5-star resort and a very well rated beach club. They realized how much value they can add to themselves in the labor market by having the skill to speak an international language.

This experience made them go home with the confidence and knowledge they needed to set goals for themselves and meet the challenges to achieving them head-on.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to help girls from impoverished families. While you make your own daughter happy with our beautiful jewelry, you are also making an impact for these disadvantaged kids at the same time. Our mission would never be possible without you.